Rain Delay

Hi friends, Dob here and I’m excited to share another collab with you! This time it’s with Alex Boisvert. You know Alex from his blog, his Patreon, and his many tools and other contributions to the crossword universe, which you can find on Crossword Nexus.

The idea for this theme came to us during a Twitch stream and we’re thrilled with what we ended up with. Props to Alex for the grid art! Speaking of Alex, here’s what he has to say:

“It was a lot of fun working with Dob on this puzzle! We hope you love it.”

Thanks to Kelsey Dixon for the test solve!

As always, if you solve it, stream it, like it, or hate it, I’d love to know, so consider leaving a comment below or emailing us. Enjoy!

Fullscreen solve | ipuz

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