Three They Go!

We’re counting our lucky stars to have this new puzzle by math professor and all-around cool dude, David Ritterskamp. David does a fun math stream over on Twitch occasionally, which you should definitely check out. Here’s what he has to say:

“This idea came to me from a comment made by Ross Trudeau during a Twitch stream. He mentioned the feasibility of a 15x puzzle with no 3-letter words – and the next thing I knew I was gridding away. With the help of the new spread the word(list) (Big Ups to Brooke and Enrique), I had a first draft to run by my favorite tester Norah Sharpe. After some quality advice from her, I landed on this. Although I did not have a seed initially, I quickly latched on to 4-Down as an entry to keep as soon as I saw it suggested – no matter what else came and went, that one was staying. I hope you enjoy solving this as much as I did setting it!”

Thanks for sending this to us, David! We look forward to solving it on stream, which you can catch here. Enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] [.puz]

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