Go For It

We are (almost literally) over the moon about this new guest post, which is a collab by Norah Sharpe and Kate Chin Park!(!!) You’ve seen a puzzle of Norah’s here before, but this is Kate’s debut on our site and we’re honored to have her. Here’s what they each have to say about this puzzle:

Norah says: After my first collab with Kate, I couldn’t resist inviting her for a second round. Her clues are always great fun. My seed at 34A came from a movie night with a good friend. (can you guess the movie?) We hope you enjoy!

Kate says: Reasons to collab with Norah: 1. She has such a fun sensibility 2. She’s a HUGE supporter of people new to the crossworld (I say this from experience!!) 3. She sent an already-filled-in great grid. I loved working with her, as always :heart: and hope folks enjoy solving!

Thanks to Norah and Kate for contributing this puzzle and we look forward to solving it ourselves; you should, too. Enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] [.puz] [.pdf]

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