Hi, welcome to Crossweird Puzzles. We’re two crossword lovers and streamers who wanted to create a space to host independent puzzles by our favorite constructors. We aim to put puzzles out into the world as the constructors intended them to be seen: no editing, no fitting into a brand or style, and no restrictions on creativity. If we accept your submission, we’re showing trust in you to give us an original, thoughtful, and well-made construction that you’re proud of. We are open to any size, type, and style.

If you’re interested in submitting a puzzle, click here to email us your idea. Important: please don’t include the puzzle itself or any spoilers in your initial email, as we want to do it on stream; simply tell us what size, type, and style you want to submit, along with a little bit about who you are and who has test-solved it. Typically, we will respond within a few days and will run it within a couple weeks.

Thanks for coming by!
Dob and Momes