Hi pals, we’re excited to bring you another guest puzzle, this time by Will Eisenberg! This is Will’s first solo puzzle here on Crossweird Puzzles (you can find an earlier collab he did with Norah Sharpe here). He’s been published in The Atlantic, Spyscape, and Crucinova, and also posts regularly on his own blog. Here’s what he has to say about this puzzle.

From Will:
This mini-theme was sparked after a recent sporting event, and I couldn’t help but make it into a puzzle. I’m so thrilled Crossweird’s given it a home, and I hope you enjoy.

We’ll be solving this live on Twitch Tuesday night, which we hope you can check out. If you solve it, stream it, or have any other thoughts about it, let us know by commenting below or 20**********@gm***.com?subject=Side%20Order" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">emailing us. Thanks and enjoy!

[Fullscreen solve] | [.puz]

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