Hi friends, guest post alert! We have an acrostic by the delightful catherinewheel! Here’s what cath has to say about it:

This puzz took forever to complete because once I cracked open the book to find this quote, I started reading the whole damn thing again. The author is English, and there is a BAFTA (UK English word) in the quote, but I don’t think it will be too terribly difficult for the American solver to get. The sub-title, for context, is “Two Foolish People, One Odd Dog, an English Canal Boat…and the Adventure of a Lifetime.” If you know me (or you read the title), you can guess the breed of the “One Odd Dog”… I have lived this quote in some form or another every day for the last thirty years. I’m aware this is super-long, for an acrostic, but here we are. Special thanks to JMbrow29 for the test-solve, the expert advice regarding a specific clue, and also supporting my instincts as I try to find a cluing “voice” that is truly Cath.

We’re flattered cath would want to post this on our blog and we can’t wait to solve it!

Fullscreen solve

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