Momes here – I attempted a cryptic!

A huge thank you is owed to MentalPlayground and Steve Mossberg for taking a look at this thing and providing such thorough feedback and kind encouragement! Both are excellent cryptic constructors – check out MP’s recent midi Advent Cryptics and Steve’s site (and new Patreon(!!)).

Big thanks also to Joe, Liari, Glen and the rest of the Cryptic Crew™ on Twitch for introducing Dob and I to cryptics in the first place, and to Joe specifically for the cryptic clueing competitions on his stream. I’m sure I haven’t been the only one inspired to try their hand at setting as a result of time spent in such a thoughtful, friendly space.

Please hold none of the above accountable for mistakes in my puzzle, as I changed several things after testing and maybe took a few liberties against their advice 🥴. Also, this was my first time filling any kind of grid, so pardon the “trunches” and the one variant spelling in here – what rookie mistakes. To make up for that, I included a version of the puzzle (inspired by Steve) with hints about the devices being used in each clue. Hopefully they help!

If you solve it, stream it, or want to complain about it, let me know on Twitter or via email.

[Fullscreen solve] [Fullscreen solve w/ Helpers] [.puz] [.puz w/ helpers]
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